Care for some Gratitude?



Looking at beautiful sunsets only reminds me of how serene our lives are amidst all the horrors circumventing it. In the quest of wanting this and that, we often forget to thank for whatever we already have. Life is a beautiful journey, but only a few know how to live it to its fullest and take it as it is! Considering the rest of us, we just spend our days complaining or aspiring for more.

Stop doing whatever you are for a moment, stay still and think about how your life is complete and is a full circle, what you want it any different ? Would you be born to  a different set of parents? Or a different set of social beings and friends ? I personally would not, because having people who look out  for us even while we are at our lowest are the ones we should hold onto forever and be grateful about.

So make a point today to thank the ones who made a difference in your life and the ones who go from post to pillar only to put a smile on your face. Do this and see a world of difference in your attitude.

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Until next time 🙂

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