JC’s Cafe, Sector 10, Chandigarh.

Talk about style, flamboyance and taste, all these adjectives fall synonymous to JC’s Cafe! Located at the back drop of sector 10, makes a perfect go-to for a sunday brunch with your girl gang to catch up on the niceties of the day and alike 🙂 JC’s majorly attracts you with its playful mix of colours all around the circumference, from its vibrant wooden artistry to poster like deli feel. This cafe is multi cuisine, serving various genres of food like Continental, American, North-Indian and Chinese.

On a hot summer day, we happen to visit this place to catch a bite. We ordered two serves of Cold Coffees, Just To Good Salad from field of greens and a serve of Spaghetti Lamb Bolognese from the  De-lish pastas segment. The food preparations were nothing over the top considering the ornamentation of place, we expected much more. A tip to all new goers, take help from the chef while ordering.

All and all the cafe was buzzed with on goers frequently, definitely an eye catcher and a people’s favourite. I bet you wont forget to click tons of pictures while at there, the decor is that satiating.


Just Too Good Salad
Cold Coffees
Spaghetti Lamb Bolognese


The Open Kitchen


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, a lot more food reviews of the C-Town coming your way soon, stay tuned !! ❤


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