Life is Unfair!

This is unfair! My parents are being unfair to me! My partner is being unfair to me! My boss is being unfair to me! Life is unfair!

Very common for us all to say, isn’t it? But is life really unfair?

Just before I started writing this post, I looked up for #LifeIsUnfair on Instagram. I was expecting to see some heart wrenching photos with saddest stories depicting how cruel life can be. But I mostly saw absolutely normal posts with pointless bickering. A man from Finland cribbing about heavy snow. Oh damn, poor guy. He should’ve been showered with petals of roses instead of snow in the month of DECEMBER! How unfair!!

A woman complaining about working on a Saturday night. I feel for her. She’s got to work on the weekend and earn productivity for another day while I being unemployed get to chill watching Gilmore Girls and snort my parent’s money. Indeed, my life is so much better and hers is so unfair!

For most of us, life at many points seems unfair. I too think of my life being unfair to me every now and then. I’m a good person with a kind heart, life should be fair to me! I’m a hardworking focused individual, life should be fair to me! Well, guess what? This is not true. Life is not an overthinking Virgo woman who first analyses you and then decides it’s fairness.

Life: Oh, this person has never ever killed even a fly. I am going to be fair to her!!

I’m sorry to break your bubble, but this just does not happen.


Why life seems unfair to us is because of.. wait for it.. US!! Us, as in you and I, not the USA. But actually, with the present POTUS, it can be the USA too. :/

Someone told me yesterday that I am no genius. I do not know everything. Okay, yes, I don’t know everything. But I do know 3 reasons why we think life is unfair to us.


We all love controlling situations, people, actions and consequences. I have no shame in admitting that I am a control freak. I derive satisfaction out of controlling the littlest of things. Unfortunately, I cannot control everything. If that were the case, I’d have been working in the Wall Street minting money and dating Chris Hemsworth. Not unfolding my motivational gems here.

It is normal to have expectations from people and life. But it is not necessary that those expectations will always be fulfilled. Control your reactions and thoughts, and life would seem fair.


Always thinking that you’re right in every single thing harbours unfairness. “I am right” can only comfort you for the night. It cannot improve anything.

We are not judged by our thoughts. Actions speak louder than words. The world sees us for our actions. Instead of assuming yourself to be right in every situation, aim at performing right actions. Trust me, with right actions, everyone is undoubtedly going to think that you’re right. Killing two birds with one stone, I tell ya! 😉


Complaining is the best pastime for when things do not fall into place according to you. Didn’t get your favourite ice cream flavor in a party? Let’s complain. Is the WiFi slow? Let’s complain. Is it too hot or too cold? Let’s complain.

We’ve programmed our brains in such a way that one slightest thing goes unplanned, we automatically start complaining.

Rather, why do we not focus on the little things in life and be thankful? Or if you can’t do that, work your bum off and change what you are complaining about! Go buy the ice cream flavour you wanted on your way back home. Get a better Internet connection. Equip yourself in a way that you do not sweat or shiver. Don’t complain. Bring a change!


It is easier said than done, I know. But remember, you are capable of bringing a positive change in yourself everyday. Life is too short. We all are heading towards our own miserable (dying all alone when you’re 80 of Toenail Cancer, if that’s even a thing) or epic (dying when you’re 22 because of rope snapping during bungee jumping) deaths. Let’s stop being unfair to life. And believe me, life will stop being unfair to you.

Have a Happy Monday! 🙂

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