Grub Fest, Chandigarh, ’17 : Know what you don’t !


Grub Fest is the largest gourmet festival that takes place at various venues in different cities across India. This fest is one of a kind with various restaurants showcasing their mouth-watering delicacies teamed up with great music !

After being successful at cities like Delhi, Pune and Mumbai, it was time for the fest to make its presence felt in our City Beautiful Chandigarh ! Hosted at the lush green gardens of Leisure Valley, tis’ was surely a sight worth watching.


Having said that, there were a huge number of cuisines to choose from. Various restauranteurs from within and outside Chandigarh were present, full list regarding the same is given below:

  1. Burger Farm
  2. Upstairs Club
  3. Buns
  4. Taco Bell
  5. Bigwich
  6. Keventers
  7. Nabobs Cafe and Pub
  8. Dev’s American Cafe
  9. Deluxe Dhaba
  10. Hug!
  11. 24/7
  12. BBQ Point
  13. Super Donuts
  14. Gourmet Streat
  15. Jack Potatoes
  16. Cheeze Box
  17. Peddlers
  18. Chocolate Desire
  19. Live Wok
  20. I Scream
  21. G’s Patisserie
  22. AJA Fresh, Grilled and Healthy
  23. Get Desserted
  24. Yoglicious By Yog Amore
  25. Hey Grain Cookies
  26. Kings Kulfi
  27. Nikkis Fruit and Cream
  28. Food Art Factory
  29. Sundown Chef
  30. Blanched
  31. Feeding India
  32. Raw Presssery
  33. Yoga Bars
  34. Chill Bae
  35. Organice Meals on Green Wheels
  36. Doggy Style
  37. Momo Station

This list perfectly portrays the amount of choices the visitors were projected to, hence making it tough for us to make a choice !

Here are a few things that made a place on our plate, have a look 🙂

Aam Panna Mojito by Peddlers
Blue Bay by Super Donuts
Strawberry Summer Cooler by Super Donuts
Chilli Garlic Noodles by Live Wok
Original Fried Chicken by Dev’s American Cafe
Veg Burger by Dev’s American Cafe

Apart from the unforgettable culinary experience, we also witnessed great music numbers by Stanley Live and Gulnazar ! Various other artists who played before and after our arrival were Runway Project, Nissi Band, Armaan Bedil, B Praak, Akhil, Hari & Sukhmani, Harrdy Sandhu and Zaedan.

Gulnazar Performing !

Of the things we liked :

  1. Various gourmet options to choose from.
  2. Lively music in the background.
  3. The tranquil decor.
  4. Reasonably priced entry fee of Rs. 100 (online bookings : early bird discount) and Rs. 200 (on the spot booking).
  5. Reasonably priced food items with a good amount of helping.

Of the things that could be better :

  1. The seating arrangement could have been better, with proper sheds to help protect the visitors from sunlight, as it isn’t quite easy to eat while standing. The seats were few in ratio of the amount of people coming in !
  2.  Restaurants and Cafes coming from PAN India would have made the experience better rather than a few of them coming from Delhi and most of them being from Chandigarh itself.


The Grub Fest was an absolute go-to. For those who attended it would agree with me and for the others , I’m sure we are soon going to get grubbed in the coming few months with the type of enthralling response the fest got from people this very season. 😉

I hope you liked the post, stay tuned for more !!!

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