Best Reads for April

“A reader lives a thousand lives before she dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R. Martin


Have you ever wished to live as someone else? Walk in someone else’s shoes and see the world through their eyes? Well, unfortunately science yet cannot help you out with that. But books indeed present you with an opportunity to live different lives. A book can change your opinions, thoughts, habits, dreams and the whole of you!

Being an avid book enthusiast, I hereby launch a monthly ritual of Best Reads, not necessarily based on new releases, but definitely based on wonderful content with strong writing. So without further ado, leggo!!

5) We Were Liars by E. Lockhart


The book is about a distinguished family with a damaged girl and a passionate boy living on a private island. A group of four friends called The Liars spend every summer together on the Sinclairs’ private island. But an accident occurs one summer that changes everything.

The book revolves around consequences every deed and mistake has. It is a sophisticated suspense novel that is filled with lies upon lies. Give it a read if you like impacting yet subtle thrillers. And remember to keep lots and lots of tissues handy! *Sob Sob Sob*

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4) Fever by Mary Beth Keane


A book about “Typhoid Mary”. Rings a bell, doesn’t it? Mary Mallon was the first identified carrier of typhoid fever in the US. She infected 50 people by transmitting the Salmonella Typhi (I was a med student in high school. Thanks for the applause ;D ) and herself remained perfectly healthy. An Irish, who moved to New York for fulfilling her dreams, Mary found her hidden talent of cooking and became a chef. Unfortunately, she would leave a trail of the infection wherever she cooked.

So, who was Mary? Was she just another girl moving to a big city with hopes and aspirations? Or was she a murderer?

Fever deals with these questions and mixes historical facts with a fictional narrative to tell an unforgettable story of “Typhoid Mary”.

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3) The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dicker


The more I write about this one, the more I’d be giving out spoilers, which is an absolute NO NO here! So keeping it precise, the book is about one of the most respected writers of Somerset, Harry Quebert, who is the only suspect in a gut-wrenching murder of a girl he had an affair with. His mentee, Marcus Goldman sets on a journey to find the truth about the murder and save not only Harry’s but also his own career.

It is a gripping book with skillful writing. It’s not only a crime story, but also a story about life, love, emotions, haste, success, failure and mistakes. In short, it is a swallowing modern dark novel, which is more than just who killed Nolla Kellergen.

Calling out all the thriller fans!!

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2) Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Theresa Anne Fowler


I absolutely love love love this one! Being a huge F. Scott Fitzgerald fan, my excitement knew no bounds when I found about this book.

Behind a successful man (F. Scott) is a great woman (Zelda). The biography is about how Zelda stood firmly by her husband, with a craving for jazz and drinking that eventually plagued their marriage. After their break-up, she spent her life in a mental institution. The biography portrays the highs and lows of her life by a brilliant writer.

It is a fascinating book told from Zelda’s point of view offering a lot to learn from. Fowler depicts an incredibly detailed and evocative picture of one of history’s eminent literary couple. It is like a platter of fresh fruit tarts for a tart lover!

Oh, and there’s also a TV show based on Zelda for those of you who prefer moving pictures than typewritten letters.

 TV Show– Z: The Beginning of Everything

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1) Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris


This one is almost as close to the previous book for me, the only reason why I enlisted it as #1 is it’s gruesome thrill. I survive on thrillers, be it movies, TV shows or books. Hardcore thrillers!

The book is about a seemingly perfect couple, Grace and Jack, whose perfect marriage is a subject of envy for others. But, is their marriage really perfect or is it a perfect lie? Grace never answers calls, never carries her phone when going out, doesn’t work but cannot spare a few hours to meet friends, prepares scrumptious and extravagant meals but never gets fat. Add to the suspicion, the perfect couple has perfect metal bars on the windows of their home. Or is it really a home? What really does go behind these closed doors? Read to know the answers!

To be honest, this is no Gone Girl, no twisty and secretive book, but a fast-paced suspenseful read that can ignite the extreme of your emotions. A straight-up thriller symbolizing how all that glitter is not always gold. Definitely recommended!!!!!!

Where to buy-


So, c’mon my readers, let’s get the party started. Happy Reading !! 🙂


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