Binge-Watch Netflix Recommendations

In this world of complications, Netflix has turned out to be a boon for us humans. What’s better than to spend a lazy day binge-watching shows with a huge tub of popcorn? Maybe a Pepperoni Pizza by the sea, but well, Netflix is almost as good!

With an immense amount of hard work for past few months, I can now proudly proclaim myself as an Official Netflix Binge-Watcher. So, here are a few gems from different genres, which are gallantly grasping. #AlliterationGameStrong

5) Iron Fist


About a young man, Danny Rand who presumably dead, returns to NYC with incredible Martial Arts skills to defeat a secret force called The Hand.

The show flaunts an interesting storyline with wonderful acting, slight humour and great fight sequences. Ignore the bad critics on how an Asian actor should have been casted instead of Finn Jones for the lead because, in my opinion, Jones did a good job.

And oh, it’s a Marvel Series. Isn’t that all the more a reason to watch Iron Fist?

4) Stories by Rabindranath Tagore


Stories of India’s Literature Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, adapted into a series. The compilation of connected stories is done thoughtfully with beautiful filming. Aestheticism of ancient India is truly shown by the director Anurag Basu. It is splendid how these stories written over 100 years ago still relate to today’s life events. If you’re a fan of Malgudi Days, this show will make you reminisce about your afternoons as a child watching Swami’s adventures.

3) 13 Reasons Why/Riverdale

Both 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale are mysteries surrounding death of one of the characters.

13 Reasons Why is a show based on the novel by same name, following a young boy Clay, recovering from his friend, Hannah’s death receives a box full of 13 tapes, each explaining reasons that drove the latter to taking her own life. The tapes are a way of deciphering the actual cause of Hannah’s suicide.

Riverdale is a show that is episode by episode uncovering the truth behind Jason Blossom’s murder. The characters are all based on the infamous Archie Comics.

For me, both the shows are very similar- teen dramas, 13-episodes each, death mysteries, very similar characters, etc. So, I’d recommend watch either one.

My personal preference is 13 Reasons Why because each episode unveils a different aspect to the suicide mystery. And the show has picked up a very important yet sensitive subject of suicides, which has potential of raising awareness among the watchers (especially teens). Plus, Selena Gomez is the Executive Producer!!

But if you’re as jobless as me, watch both! 🙂

2) Black Mirror


A true brainstormer, right here! Each episode shows the dark side of highly advanced technology with an amalgamation of human emotions. It is a unique yet utterly complicated show with different storyline in each episode. This show restored my faith in creativity and versatility among the scriptwriters. My personal favourite episode is S02 E02. Charlie Brooker, the creator is going to make me broke because I cannot contain myself from watching this show on my own, and with my friends!

Jokes apart, it is a satirical show with a pinch of dark humour. If you like to blow your mind up and keep wondering about what just happened, watch Black Mirror.

1) How To Get Away With Murder


I know this show is not relatively new but, if you know me personally, you know how crazy I am over this show. I first began watching it a year ago. And haven’t regretted a single second I spent on it. The show is about how a Criminal Lawyer, Annalise Keating, who is also a Law Professor, becomes entwined in a murder plot with five of her students. Keating, played by the breathtaking Viola Davis, would make you hate her, love her, feel sorry for her, wish you were in her shoes and also thank the stars that you aren’t her. Every season is better than its predecessor.

HTGAWM too blows your mind up with twists and turns that you cannot imagine even in your wildest dreams! I definitely recommend this show to every single of you!!!

So, these are my top 5s on Netflix for the month of April. I hope you enjoy watching these shows as much as I do.

Happy Binge-Watching!!!! 🙂

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