Mocha Bar, Jubilee Hills. Hyderabad

Mocha Bar, Jubilee Hills. Hyderabad

Mocha is the country’s first completely indigenous eclectic cafe chain, known not just for its menu, but the varied experiences it brought to 14 outlets in 12 cities to expand the cafe culture. Born in 2001 in bylanes of Churchgate, Mumbai and celebrating 15 years of operations. Mocha has influenced the world-wide of an entire generation, to stir a social revolution. Well, all that holds true to what their website claims!


Mocha cafes do have an eclectic touch to them, deriving ideas, style, and  taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. Having had the chance to visit Mocha Cafe at Chandigarh various times, I can very well assert to the same. The architectural ensemble is fresh, quirky and totally out of the box. Offering a varied mix of cuisines suiting the local taste of customers  and providing amazing  offers on alcohol all round the week , is their forte.


No wonder this chain has transformed into a multi-brand empire in the last decade, creating new concepts around the nation and earned admiration and respect all along.


Being trending for a while, one of their latest outlet is now open at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad which I happened to visit during my recent trips. My jaw dropped with awe the moment I entered this lovely expanse of property spread around a few acres, beautifully maintained with palms and other botanical perfections. They had both indoor and outdoor seating areas. We chose to sit outside, reason being , great aesthetics! So much so that I couldn’t resist but photograph this place the moment we got in. They also had a small pond curated with foliage and rockery, coupled with perfect lighting.


Next, we took to our seats and ordered our round of drinks. Before moving on to what we ate and drank, I would like to bring to y’all notice that the staff was very professional and they looked after us throughout. We ordered two LIITs, a concoction of vodka, Tequila, Gin, White Rum, Triple Sec and Sweet and Sour topped with Cola. They were served to us in large cylindrical tubes and were seemingly enough for the night. Out of the mocktail section we ordered Berry Blast, 135 (INR)  (apologies for not having a photograph of the same). It was a bit on the sweeter side and had a toffee and syrupy like feel to it.

Long Island Iced Teas, 495 (INR)

Then we wanted something to nibble on while sipping our drinks, so we ordered a starter of Fiery Chicken Wings , wings tossed with spicy sriraja sauce and served with sour cream. I’m personally a huge fan of saucy and spicy foods and somehow I always instinctively end up ordering the same . It tasted well and I loved it till the last bite. It was a good blend of spices, could be a little hot for a few since, I love spicy food so I could handle it just perfectly. It was served with a cream based dip and that helped cut down the spices.

Fiery Chicken Wings, 250 (INR)

Along with that the Fiery Chicken Wings we ordered a dish of Pink Sauce Penne, penne pasta tossed in creamy tomato sauce with exotic vegetables, served with two helpings of garlic bread, finely toasted. The pasta was rich and creamy, not too spicy or sharp but had a little tenderness to it, so much that it melted in your mouth. The penne was perfectly cooked unlike in most cases where it is left a bit uncooked which renders it hard , fleshy and rubber like. Thankfully, such wasn’t the case here.

Pink Sauce Penne, 295 (INR)

Peeking around to what the table next to us ordered, we then gave a try to the Vindaloo Chicken Lollipops, konkani flavored fried chicken lollipops served with fresh onions and podi mayo. They were luscious and cooked right , were slightly bitter, that could be due to the vindaloo sauce dressing. In my opinion I liked the Fiery Chicken Wings more than this one as that one was rather juicy and succulent.

Vindoloo Chicken Lollipops, 250 (INR)

On persistent demands by my friend we then ordered the Chicken Shashlik Sizzler, chicken cubes grilled with onions and capsicum served with saoji sauce. It comes with two options of  i.e. rice or noodles, we ordered it with rice. Pieces of chicken wrapped  in an orangish-yellow gravy, with medium consistency were served on a bed of semi fried rice. The portion was enough to serve two perfectly and three incase you weren’t as hungry, so for the three of us it worked just fine. My friend really wanted us to taste this very sizzler and true to her words, the sizzler tasted really good even though we all were full to the brim. Honestly speaking, that was by far one of the best and one of the most different (taste wise) sizzlers that I have ever come across in my entire life, the thought of it makes my mouth water right now!

Chicken Shashlik Sizzler, 375 (INR)

Apart from the wholesome meal and an amazing ambience, there are few things you might want to keep in mind before visiting this place, they are:

  1. Reservations : It is always advisable to book a reservation in advance as the seating area outside being so beautiful is the first to get packed and you might have to wait incase you forget to reserve tables pre-hand.
  2. Last Orders: They take their last orders by 11:30 P.M. , incase you plan to stay until late, you might want to order soon!
  3. Water sprinklers : They have installed water sprinklers all around the outdoor area just so as to keep the air is less humid, the rush of water is not too much though. Even so the same might get a little annoying. Prefer seating inside as the case maybe.

All and all I had the most fantastic 60 minutes of my time here after a tiring day of shopping at the mall. The food, the ambience, the waiters et cetera , all were exemplary. Budget wise too, the bill did not burn a hole in our pockets, everything from food to booze was reasonably charged (prices mentioned alongside dishes are exclusive of taxes). More so, by the time we finished, the waiter waiting our table was free and he clicked a few of our photographs, what more could a photograph fanatic ask for! Sigh.

Vijay, the one who waited our table 🙂

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