Stone Waters, Kitchen & Lounge. Hyderabad

A Glimpse of Stone Waters as you enter!

Stone waters is a resto-lounge located at the heart of Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. It is famous for live music, karaoke and picturesque outdoor seating. The lounge is set up in an open space on the top most floor. The ambience is quite serene with dim lighting, an open space and an array of live music. This place is best visited at night, as that is when they play live music causing the evening to pass by splendidly.

The Open-Air View

A Balcony Style Podium set up for the Musicians. Also, the view from where we sat!

Having said that , most of us have visited a lots of places such as this one, but unlike various other places playing live music; the music that the band played here was a good mix of hindi and english numbers. None of the songs were too trashy, they were all soothing to the ear. They sang from  a wide range of songs from “Love me like you do” to “Channa mereya” and a few oldies like “Ajeeb daastaan” which has been my childhood favorite. The vocalist had a beautiful voice which was blending  quite well with the mood.

(Left) Sex On The Beach and (Right) Berry Float

We started off by ordering Sex On The Beach ( a cocktail made with a combination of absolut, peach schnapps, cranberry and orange juice) and Berry Float ( a mocktail made with a lovely combination of strawberry crush, ice-cream and cranberry juice topped with soda). Both these drinks were made to the T. Sex on the beach was a nice mix sweet  and tangy where I could hardly taste the tinge of liquor,  apparently so that made me gorge it all in. I would recommend this drink to anyone who hates to taste the bitterness of alcohol while sipping their cocktails! Berry Float on the other hand had a creamy texture to it, a bit on the heavy side and rather too sweet. Anyone fond of shakes and milk based drinks should definitely give this on a try.

(Top) Garlic Breads and (Bottom) Crispy Chilli Chicken

Not being too hungry, we then ordered some appetizers namely Crispy Chilli Chicken from the Oriental Cuisine and Garlic Breads (crispy baquettes with garlic butter) from the Continental side of the menu. Crispy Chilli Chicken was lip smacking and I loved it to the last bit, it was a good wrap of oriental sauces and was nicely cooked alongside finely served. Garlic Breads too, were perfectly baked and unlike various other outlets , the serving portions were large and wholesome something that is a rarity with garlic breads.

The Jagger-Bomb !

Next we ordered our last set of drinks that being, The Jagger Bomb, one from the shooters. It’s a jaggermiester shot dropped in a glass of red bull. Loved it as I always do ! The other drink that we ordered was Kingfisher Ultra. IMG_20170330_230039j

All and all this place was a great mix of good food and amazing ambiance. The waiters were friendly and the service was A-class. Stone waters was quite pocket friendly too as around 2500-2700 INR is what we ended up paying for all the drinks and the food.

I would recommend this place to anyone who loves live music, likes to sit in the open with some mild breeze of air and fancies cocktails !

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