Big Little Lies Review

Set in the town of Monterey, California, Big Little Lies revolves around intriguing aspects of various relationships and the unfolding of a mystery that is tied to the lives of all characters. Each character is surrounded by a conflict of its own.

An amazing cast, particularly Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, explore the flawed complexity of the characters in great depth. Alexander Skarsgard needs a special mention, as his portrayal of a grim husband is absolutely different from his previous roles. Oh, and he is also an alumnus of my University, which gives him bonus points!

On the minute negatives, the show can be confusing with the time cuts. Plus, six-year olds acting like grown-ups is a bit far-fetched.

To sum up, Big Little Lies is an ominous show depicting how the idea of a perfect life is absolutely utopian in this world with a mystery that will surely get you hooked. Definitely recommended!

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